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Detailed introduction of optical fiber fast connector


Latest company news about Detailed introduction of optical fiber fast connector

Fiber optic fast connectors are also called fast connectors in the industry, and are also called field-assembled fiber optic movable connectors. This type of connector is small in size and fast in termination. The basic termination process only takes 2 minutes and is widely used, such as Corridors and home entrance cables are particularly used in environments such as corridors and homes, so they are widely welcomed by the market. In this article, Plug World Network will give you a brief introduction to fiber optic fast connectors.

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Fiber optic fast connectors are also called fiber optic field connectors. They are the same product and are divided into one generation, two generations and three generations, also known as straight-through pre-embedded direct fusion. Their main differences are:


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1. For the straight-through type, it is mainly a dry structure. This structure is very simple. The advantage is that it is easier to implement and low-cost, but it has many disadvantages: strict requirements on fiber diameter, strict requirements on cutting end face and cutting length, and strict requirements on cutting end face and cutting length. The requirements for blessing strength are more stringent; otherwise any mismatch with the product will cause parameter fluctuations; in addition, since the return loss index completely depends on the fiber cutting end face, the return loss index of the product is relatively poor, and it requires skilled operators High expectations. This type of product structure can be used for temporary optical fiber link repairs, but is not suitable for large-scale use of FTTH access links.


2. For the pre-embedded optical fiber fast connector, it belongs to the pre-embedded fiber structure. The pre-embedded fiber structure uses a section of bare fiber pre-placed into the ceramic ferrule at the factory, and the top is ground. The operator only needs to cut the other end of the optical fiber on site and insert it; since the embedded fiber in front of the embedded structure is ground in the factory and the butt joint is filled with matching fluid, it does not rely too much on the flatness of the optical fiber end face cutting, which greatly reduces the operator's skill. degree of requirements; because the end face of the connector is pre-ground, the return loss index is good; the product structure can achieve better insertion loss (below 0.5dB) and return loss (above 45dB) indexes, reliability It has relatively high stability, so it is suitable for use in indoor nodes of FTTH access links.


How to install and use optical fiber fast connector?

1、Prepare tools:Fiber stripper, drop cable stripper, fiber cleavers, fixed length tool, fiber cleaning tools. 2、Prepare all parts of the fast connector(housing、main body、screw cap).

3、Insert the optical cable into the screw cap.

4、Use stripper to strip the outer sheath of more than 40mm.

5、Put the optical cable in the fixed length tool, the edge of the cable sheath should be flush with the scribe line in the fixed length tool(according to the specific requirements of each fast connector)

6、Stripper close to the edge of the fixed length tool, and strip the exposed fiber coating to expose φ125μm bare fiber.

7、Clean bare fiber with wiping paper.

8、Cut off excess bare fiber by fiber cleaver.

9、Insert the fiber into the mating guide groove of the connector body until the fiber is bent as shown in the above figure.

10、Keep the fiber bent by hand, and push the buckle toward the front to lock the fiber.

11、Put the boot cover down and screw the cap on the boor tightly.

12、Install the housing.



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The above are the instructions for using the SC fiber optic fast connector (pre-embedded B55A/B60A type). For more information on the operation and introduction of the fiber optic fast connector, please contact JFOPT. Fiber optic fast connectors are also known as "live joints". From this name, we can appreciate its flexible and convenient use. Of course, there are many types of optical fiber fast connectors, and different types of optical fiber fast connectors have different materials, performance, stability, and service life. We will explain more relevant knowledge about optical fiber communication to you in the future. We hope you will continue to pay attention.

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