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MTP/MPO Cabling System: Solution for Data Centers


Latest company news about MTP/MPO Cabling System: Solution for Data Centers

With the increasing demand for high bandwidth in data centers, high-speed connectivity has become a trend in data center cabling systems. Adopting MTP/MPO components for MTP cabling to achieve fast and efficient network connectivity has become a common solution in data centers. This article will elaborate on the necessity and significance of high-density MTP cabling systems and provide a detailed introduction to MTP components.



Background of MTP Cabling

Typically, experienced technicians are required to terminate MicroCore fiber optic cables at both ends. Advanced MTP jumpers, however, utilize pre-terminated connectors on both ends, accommodating multiple fibers. Currently, the most common types of pre-terminated MTP jumpers are 12-core and 24-core, with a maximum capacity of 72 cores, available in male (with pins) and female (without pins) variants. The application of MTP technology meets the requirements of high-capacity fiber optic systems, making it an ideal choice for data centers seeking high-density, high-performance solutions.


MTP Cabling Solution - The New Trend in Data Center Cabling

Traditional LC cabling systems are no longer able to meet the demands of large data centers for high transmission rates and high density. As a result, many IT designers are turning to MTP cabling solutions. Unlike LC cabling, MTP cabling is perfectly suited to the requirements of high speed, high density, and structured cabling, offering the following advantages:


①Stable and Durable
The design of the MTP connector's sleeve reduces the likelihood of signal instability to some extent, enhancing durability.

②High Density and Scalability
MTP connectors comply with telecommunications-grade Telcordia standards (formerly Bellcore standards) and have been used in various environments for over a decade, solving the challenge of carrying multiple fibers in small capacities. For example, while an LC duplex connection in a 1U chassis can accommodate 144 fiber cores, MTP can accommodate up to 864 fiber cores, nearly six times the capacity.

③Time-saving, Hassle-free, and High Deployment Efficiency
Terminating and testing 144 fibers may take a whole day for network installation personnel. However, using pre-terminated MTP jumpers with tool-less connectors for 12 or 24 fibers significantly reduces the required time. Using plug-and-play pre-installed cables saves even more time and hassle, while also reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

④Preparedness for Network Upgrades
MTP cabling can be used for direct connections ranging from 40G to 400G, as well as for upgrades and uplink connections. Upgrading a 10G network to higher-speed Ethernet using MTP cabling systems is an economically reliable choice. Additionally, MTP cabling systems can facilitate uplink connections between devices with different speeds, such as 25G-100G, 50G-200G/400G, 100G-400G, and 200G-400G.

⑤Structured Rack Cabling
MTP structured cabling provides a layered structure for networks, offering multiple connection options through aggregation layers to reduce cable clutter. When future expansion is needed in data centers, installing a structured MTP cabling system can establish a long-term solution to meet your requirements.

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MTP Jumpers: Diverse Demands, Multiple Options

The MTP cabling product series offers a wide range of options to meet various application needs. This includes MTP jumpers, MTP distribution boxes, and MTP-LC branch cables.


MTP Backbone Jumpers

MTP backbone jumpers consist of a fiber optic cable with connectors on both ends, enabling the connection of optical modules to form a complete link. They typically accommodate 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, or even 72 fiber cores, meeting high-density cabling requirements. They are primarily used in two scenarios: direct connection of optical modules, such as connecting 40GBASE-SR4/PLR4, 100GBASE-SR4/SR10, 200GBASE-SR8, and 400GBASE-SR8; and for structured cabling in distribution boxes and panels, facilitating the rapid deployment of backbone networks in high-density environments.


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MTP Branch Jumpers

MTP branch jumpers feature an MTP connector on one end, branching out into multiple LC connectors, with quantities ranging from 4, 6, 8 to 12. Connector types can include LC, SC, ST, etc., capable of converting multi-core jumpers into single-mode or multi-mode connectors. MTP branch jumpers are available in single-mode and multi-mode variants, with transmission distances ranging from a few meters to longer distances, making them an ideal choice for network conversions such as 10G-40G, 25G-100G, and 10G-120G.


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MTP Conversion Jumpers

MTP conversion jumpers, like MTP branch jumpers, feature a fan-out design, but with MTP connectors on both ends. The fiber core counts and types of connectors on both ends are different, providing various connection possibilities for 24-core cabling systems. This enables multiple applications such as converting 24 cores to 2x12 cores, 24 cores to 3x8 cores, 3x8 cores to 2x12 cores, and so on.


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MTP Adapter and MTP Adapter Panel

The MTP adapter is a supplementary product for MTP fiber jumpers, available in two key orientations: key up-key up and key up-key down. Both types of adapters are suitable for connecting MTP jumpers between each other or to devices, making them common in backbone cabling and distribution box applications. MTP adapter panels can accommodate more adapters and feature an upgraded structure with a safety plate. By pre-installing adapters, the adapter panel can serve as an intermediary between backbone networks and jumpers, providing a more stable and compact network solution.



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MTP Fiber Distribution Box

The MTP fiber distribution box is a closed-box structure typically containing 12 or 24 fiber cores internally. It is equipped with LC or other types of connectors at the front, while MTP connectors are located at the rear. This allows for the splitting of fiber cores from the backbone cable into duplex jumpers. When used with racks, the MTP distribution box facilitates the rapid deployment of high-density data center infrastructure and allows for troubleshooting and reconfiguration during management.


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MTP-LC Rack-Mount Adapter Panel

The 96-core pre-terminated MTP-LC rack-mount adapter panel can be installed on a standard 19-inch wide patch panel, allowing for the direct deployment of 96 fiber cores in a 1U rack without the need for additional equipment. When deploying 10G-40G or 25G-100G connections, MTP jumpers can be used to connect from the 40G/100G switch ports to the rear ports of the panel, followed by duplex LC jumpers to connect the 10G/25G devices to the front ports of the panel. The rear of this MTP-LC rack-mount adapter panel features a flexible detachable cable management panel, greatly simplifying backbone cable management, enhancing installation efficiency, and optimizing cable layout.


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It is evident that with the deployment of 40G/100G/200G/400G data center networks, high-speed and high-density have become trends, and traditional LC cabling is no longer sufficient to meet the demands. However, the MTP cabling solution aligns perfectly with this trend, offering advantages in time-saving, space-saving, and cost-effectiveness, along with superior stability and high-density features, paving the way for building high-performance data center networks. Undoubtedly, MTP cabling solutions and components are the optimal choice for data interconnection and high-speed migration.

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