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Grey Fusion Splice Tray Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel Electrostatic Spraying Coating Rotating Tray

Grey Fusion Splice Tray Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel Electrostatic Spraying Coating Rotating Tray

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:



CE, ISO9001

Model Number:

1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel

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Product Details
Rotating/Removable Tray, Cable Management
Fusion Splice Tray:
12/24 Slots
Port Type:
Electrostatic Spraying
Splice Tray Color:
Number Of Cores:
12/24/48/96 Cores
Cable Entry Ports:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton box
Delivery Time
5-8 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, AliPay, PayPal
Supply Ability
1000 pcs/day
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Product Description

Product Description:

The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is an essential component in the modern data center, telecommunications closet, or any application where optical cable connections need to be managed with precision and reliability. This product is designed to fit seamlessly into a standard 19-inch rack, providing a centralized point where network cables can be organized, connected, and protected. Its robust construction and thoughtful design ensure that it can handle the demands of a high-density cabling environment while maintaining the integrity of the fiber optic connections.

Built with user convenience and durability in mind, this Optical cable connection box features a grey splice tray that is both rotating and removable, making it exceptionally easy to access and manage individual fibers. The rotating mechanism allows for the splice tray to be accessed without the need for removing the entire patch panel from the rack, thus minimizing potential disruptions to other connections and facilitating easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is built to precise dimensions, with a box size of 434*252*44.5mm, fitting perfectly into a standard 19-inch rack system. This size ensures that the patch panel can be easily integrated into an existing setup or used as the foundation for a new installation. The 19 inch rack patch compatibility is a testament to the universal design of this product, ensuring it can be deployed in a wide variety of rack configurations and settings.

Featuring an innovative opening method, the panel employs a rotating mechanism that offers easy access to the interior components. This design is an improvement over traditional fixed panels, providing a more user-friendly experience for technicians who need to perform splicing, inspections, or routine maintenance. The rotating opening method also ensures that cables remain organized and easily manageable during all stages of installation and operation.

With four cable entry ports, the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel offers flexibility in cable management and routing. These entry ports are strategically located to maximize space inside the panel and facilitate the orderly routing of cables into the panel from different directions. The inclusion of multiple ports ensures that the patch panel can accommodate a variety of cable diameters and types, including both loose tube and tight-buffered optical cables.

The panel’s features are rounded out by its built-in cable management capabilities. The design incorporates elements that help organize and protect both incoming and outgoing fiber cables, reducing the risk of bending, twisting, or straining the fibers. The cable management system ensures that each cable is held securely in place, providing a neat and tidy appearance while also maintaining the optimal bend radius for the fiber cables to prevent signal loss or degradation.

Overall, the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is a high-quality, versatile solution for managing fiber optic connections within a 19-inch rack environment. Its grey splice tray, accommodating box dimensions, and rotating opening method, combined with the capacity for efficient cable management, make it an excellent choice for IT and network professionals who require a reliable, easy-to-use optical cable connection box. Whether used in a data center, telecommunications room, or enterprise network, this patch panel will provide a secure and organized means for managing critical fiber optic connections.


  • Product Name: Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel
  • Number Of Cores: Options for 12/24/48/96 Cores
  • Port Type: Available in LC/SC/ST/FC
  • Opening Method: Rotating
  • Box Color: Standard Black / Customizable Colors Available
  • Cabinet Material: Cold-rolled Steel Plate
  • Designed for high-density applications: Optical fiber distribution frame
  • Easy to install and manage: Fiber optic connection box

Technical Parameters:

Features Rotating/Removable Tray, Cable Management
Cabinet Material Cold-rolled Steel Plate
Cable Entry Ports 4
Port Type LC/SC/ST/FC
Application FTTH FTTB FTTX Network
Box Dimensions 434*252*44.5mm
Fusion Splice Tray 12/24 Slots
Box Color Black / Customizable Colors Available
Number Of Cores 12/24/48/96 Cores
Coating Electrostatic Spraying


The JFOPT 1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel is a versatile and dependable product designed for a variety of applications and scenarios. Manufactured in CHINA and backed by certifications such as CE and ISO9001, this patch panel exemplifies quality and reliability in the realm of fiber optic connectivity. With the capability to process orders starting from a minimum quantity of one, and a robust supply ability of 1000 pcs/day, it is an accessible solution for both small and large-scale operations.

Featuring a sophisticated electrostatic spraying coating, the patch panel not only ensures durability but also presents a professional appearance in any setting. The standard black box color is sleek and unobtrusive, while customizable colors are available to match specific aesthetic or organizational requirements. The patch panel accommodates various port types such as LC, SC, ST, and FC, making it a flexible choice for different fiber optic connections.

With box dimensions of 434*252*44.5mm, the JFOPT fiber patch panel is designed to fit standard 19" racks, a common fixture in data centers, IT closets, or telecommunications rooms. Whether you're managing an odf fiber optic setup or an optical cable connection box, this 24 port fiber patch panel can support 12, 24, 48, or up to 96 cores, providing ample capacity for high-density environments where space and efficiency are at a premium.

The product's application occasions are broad, ranging from enterprise-level data centers, where reliable fiber management is critical, to small business networks that require a scalable fiber organization solution. Moreover, telecommunications companies can utilize the JFOPT patch panel during the deployment of fiber optic networks to ensure a clean and manageable fiber distribution point.

Packaging details include a protective carton box, ensuring that the product arrives in pristine condition. The delivery time is set at a swift 5-8 working days, minimizing waiting time for project implementation. Payment is a breeze with flexible terms that include T/T, AliPay, and PayPal, accommodating various customer preferences and ensuring a smooth transaction. For those who value efficiency, the JFOPT 1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel is an outstanding choice for managing optical cable connections, providing both performance and ease of use.


Brand Name: JFOPT

Model Number: 1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: NA

Packaging Details: Carton box

Delivery Time: 5-8 working days

Payment Terms: T/T, AliPay, PayPal

Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/day

Fusion Splice Tray: 12/24 Slots

Cabinet Material: Cold-rolled Steel Plate

Cable Entry Ports: 4

Box Color: Black / Customizable Colors Available

Opening Method: Rotating

Our JFOPT 1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel is a robust optical fiber terminal box that serves as an essential fiber optic junction box in network setups. The patch panels are designed for easy access and management, ensuring a neat and organized cabling system. Customize your fiber patch panel with available color options to match your specific aesthetic needs.

Support and Services:

The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is designed to provide a high-density, scalable, and efficient way to manage fiber optic cables in a data center or networking environment. This product offers a robust solution for fiber cable organization, ensuring easy access, identification, and maintenance of the connections.

Our technical support team is dedicated to assisting you with any issues or questions that may arise during the installation, configuration, or operation of your Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel. We offer comprehensive support services to ensure that your product performs optimally and integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Key features of our technical support and services for the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel include:

  • Installation Assistance: Guidance on the proper installation of your patch panel to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry standards.
  • Configuration Support: Assistance with the configuration of your patch panel for various types of fiber optic cables and connectors.
  • Troubleshooting Help: Expert troubleshooting to quickly resolve any operational issues, ensuring minimal downtime and reliable performance.
  • Maintenance Tips: Recommendations on best practices for maintaining your patch panel to extend its lifespan and maintain high-quality signal transmission.
  • Product Updates: Notifications about the latest firmware updates, product enhancements, and improvements to keep your patch panel up to date.

We are committed to providing exceptional service and support for our Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with the product and to support your network's growth and evolution.

Packing and Shipping:

The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is securely packaged in a sturdy, protective box to ensure safe delivery. The box is reinforced with cushioning materials to protect the panel and its components from shock and vibration during transit. Each panel is individually wrapped in anti-static material to prevent electrostatic discharge damage.

Prior to shipping, we ensure that all accessories, including screws and cable management features, are included within the package. The outer packaging is sealed with heavy-duty tape and clearly labeled with handling instructions and the contents of the package to facilitate careful handling by shipping carriers.

For environmental considerations, we use recyclable or biodegradable materials for our packaging whenever possible. Instructions for the proper disposal and recycling of packaging materials are included in the package.

Every shipment is accompanied by a packing slip that details the contents and a unique serial number for quality assurance and customer service purposes. The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is shipped using trusted carriers to provide reliable and timely delivery to our customers.


Q: What is the brand name of the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel?

A: The brand name of the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is JFOPT.

Q: What is the model number of this fiber patch panel?

A: The model number is 1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel.

Q: Where is the JFOPT 1U Rotating Type Fiber Patch Panel manufactured?

A: It is manufactured in CHINA.

Q: What certifications does the fiber patch panel have?

A: The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is certified by CE and ISO9001.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel?

A: The minimum order quantity is 1.

Q: How is the fiber patch panel packaged for delivery?

A: The Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel is packaged in a carton box.

Q: What is the estimated delivery time for the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel?

A: The estimated delivery time is 5-8 working days.

Q: What are the accepted payment terms for purchasing this product?

A: Accepted payment terms are T/T, AliPay, and PayPal.

Q: What is the supply ability of the JFOPT Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel?

A: The supply ability is 1000 pcs/day.

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