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LSZH Outer Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable OS2 G657A1/ A2 Fiber Type A Polarity 3M MPO 12 Cores Fiber Connector Patch Cord

LSZH Outer Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable OS2 G657A1/ A2 Fiber Type A Polarity 3M MPO 12 Cores Fiber Connector Patch Cord

LSZH Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable

3M MPO LC Breakout Cable

12 Cores MPO LC Breakout Cable

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:



CE, ISO9001

Model Number:

MPO-LC 12C OS2 Fiber Breakout Cable

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Product Details
Fiber Model:
OS2(G657A1/ A2)
Tail Sleeve Type:
Round Boot Or Customization
Outer Jacket Material:
MPO Durability:
1000 Mating, Typical Change ≤0.20dB
Storage Temperature:
-40°C To +85°C
Fiber Polarity:
Type A/Type B/Type C
Cable Length:
1 Meter
Number Fiber:
12 Cores
Outer Diameter:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton box
Delivery Time
5-8 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, AliPay, PayPal
Supply Ability
1000 pcs/day
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Product Description

Product Description:

Constructed with MPO 12 cores fiber, the MPO-LC branch cable OS2 G657A1/A2 optical fiber A-type polarity is designed for single-mode applications, ensuring long-distance data transmission with minimal signal loss. This type of fiber is known for its reduced bend sensitivity, guaranteeing a stable and reliable connection even in tight spaces or when the cable is subject to bending. The precision-engineered MPO-LC connector ensures a secure and seamless interface, reducing insertion loss and enhancing the overall performance of your network.



1. High-density and multi-core design: MPO-LC adopts a multi-core design, such as the common 12-core or 24-core MPO connector. This design can minimize failures and reduce wiring space, making data transmission more efficient and concentrated.

LSZH Outer Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable OS2 G657A1/ A2 Fiber Type A Polarity 3M MPO 12 Cores Fiber Connector Patch Cord 0
2. Miniaturization and compactness: Its miniaturization design makes the product more compact, which not only facilitates installation and maintenance, but also enhances its aesthetics.

LSZH Outer Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable OS2 G657A1/ A2 Fiber Type A Polarity 3M MPO 12 Cores Fiber Connector Patch Cord 1
3. Flexible customization: MPO-LC products can be customized according to different configuration requirements of users. For example, multi-mode OM3, OM4 and single-mode G652D, G657A2 and other optical fiber specifications can be used to ensure that the product can meet various complex application scenarios.

LSZH Outer Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable OS2 G657A1/ A2 Fiber Type A Polarity 3M MPO 12 Cores Fiber Connector Patch Cord 2
4. Optimized bending performance: It adopts a special structure with a circular shape and small outer diameter, achieving a smaller bending radius of the trunk optical cable, making storage and laying more convenient and faster.

LSZH Outer Jacket MPO LC Breakout Cable OS2 G657A1/ A2 Fiber Type A Polarity 3M MPO 12 Cores Fiber Connector Patch Cord 3

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Storage Temperature -40°C To +85°C
Cable Length 1 Meter
Operating Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Tail Sleeve Type Round Boot Or Customization
Connector MPO-LC
Cable Jacket Yellow/Beige/Aqua/Violet
Fiber Model OS2(G657A1/A2)/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4
MPO Durability 1000 Mating, Typical Change ≤0.20dB
Loss Low Loss≤0.25dB
Outer Jacket Material LSZH


1. Data center computer room cabling
2.40G/100G optical communication system, QSFP optical module
3. Optical fiber communication system, cable TV network, telecommunications network
4. Local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), FTTx



Our MPO-LC optical fiber jumper customization service is customer-oriented, combined with professional technology and rich experience to provide you with a full range of customized solutions. From fiber core number, length, interface type to performance parameters, we can flexibly adjust according to your specific needs to ensure that the patch cord perfectly fits your application scenario.

Our customization process is simple and efficient. You only need to provide detailed demand information, and our professional team will quickly design and evaluate your plan. After confirming the plan, we will quickly arrange production to ensure that we can provide you with high-quality customized jumper products in the shortest possible time.

We know the importance of quality, so our customized jumper products strictly follow international standards and use high-quality materials and advanced processes to ensure product performance and reliability. In addition, we also provide complete after-sales service to provide you with timely and professional support during use.


Support and Services:

The MPO Breakout Cable is designed to provide reliable, high-bandwidth connections for your data center or telecommunication infrastructure. Our technical support and services for this product are tailored to ensure that you receive the assistance and guidance necessary for optimal performance and longevity of your cable system.

Product technical support for the MPO Breakout Cable includes troubleshooting assistance to help resolve any issues that may arise during the installation or operation of the cable. Our team of experienced technicians is available to guide you through step-by-step solutions and provide you with best practices for maintaining your cable's performance.

In addition to troubleshooting, we offer comprehensive services that include performance testing and quality assurance to ensure that your MPO Breakout Cable meets the required specifications and industry standards. Our services are designed to provide you with confidence in the stability and efficiency of your cabling infrastructure.

We also provide support for firmware updates and compatibility checks to guarantee that your MPO Breakout Cable remains current with the latest technological advancements and is compatible with your existing equipment and network configurations.

Our product technical support and services are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and information to maximize the use of your MPO Breakout Cable. Please note that while we do not include contact information in this statement, we encourage customers to refer to their product documentation or our official website for detailed contact methods to reach our support team.


Packing and Shipping:

The MPO Breakout Cable is securely packaged in a high-quality, static-resistant bag to ensure safe delivery. Each cable is individually tested and comes with a test report detailing performance metrics. The bag is then placed into a robust cardboard box, designed to prevent any bending or twisting that might damage the cable.

For shipping, the boxed cable is cushioned with impact-absorbing materials and sealed in a shipping envelope or outer carton, depending on the order size. The exterior of the package is clearly labeled with handling instructions and a tracking number for convenient and secure transportation to its final destination.



Q1: What is the brand and model of the MPO breakout cable you offer?

A1: The brand is JFOPT, and the model number is MPO Fiber Breakout Cable.

Q2: Where is the JFOPT MPO Fiber Breakout Cable manufactured?

A2: It is manufactured in CHINA.

Q3: What certifications does the MPO Fiber Breakout Cable from JFOPT have?

A3: The cable is CE and ISO9001 certified.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for the MPO Fiber Breakout Cable?

A4: The minimum order quantity is 1 piece.

Q5: How is the MPO Fiber Breakout Cable packaged, and what is the delivery time?

A5: The cable is packaged in a carton box, and the delivery time is 5-8 working days.

Q6: What payment terms are accepted for purchasing the JFOPT MPO Fiber Breakout Cable?

A6: Accepted payment terms are T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), AliPay, and PayPal.

Q7: What is the daily supply ability for the MPO Fiber Breakout Cable from JFOPT?

A7: JFOPT can supply up to 1000 pcs/day of the MPO Fiber Breakout Cable.

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